Paprika Turmeric Pumpkin- Paprika Curcuma Citrouille – Paprika Kurkuma Kürbis – Paprika Curcuma Zucca

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Shea Butter has wonderful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help tone and sooth your skin.  It helps to even skin tones and nourishes blemished skin. The super deep cleansing Coconut Oil will help exfoliate your skin with its luxurious bubbles, and its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties will sooth your skin.  Olive oil, always a popular ingredient in our soaps, has anti-inflammatory effects, helping sooth skin conditions such as mild acne and eczema.

The oils infused with Paprika and Turmeric not only give vibrant natural colouring to the soap, but are also said to have properties to encourage blood flow to the skin, and to help speed up the healing processes for break-outs.  Pumpkin is packed with antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and will help keep your skin young-looking and fresh. Vitamin C is also said to help in the production of proteins that give firmness and elasticity to skin. The gentle fragrances of Frankincense, White Musk and Ylang-ylang combine to give a final touch to this popular soap



coconut oil

olive oil

palm oil

paprika infused oil

turmeric infused oil


essential oil of white musk, frankincense and ylang ylang



Mit Paprika angereichertes Öl
Kurkumaöl infundiert
ätherisches Öl aus weißem Moschus, Weihrauch und Ylang Ylang



huile de noix de coco
huile d’olive
huile de palme
huile infusée au paprika
huile infusée au curcuma
huile essentielle de musc blanc, d’encens et d’ylang ylang


olio di cocco
olio d’oliva
olio di palma
olio di paprika
olio di curcuma
olio essenziale di muschio bianco, incenso e ylang ylang


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