Active carbon & avocado handmade soap – Charbon actif et avocat – Aktivkohle und Avocado – Carbone attivo e Avocado – 110 g

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Mild active carbon handmade soap for acne, black spots and dry skin 110 g

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For Oily Skin, helping to guard against pimples and sooth irritation

The super deep cleansing Coconut Oil will help exfoliate your skin with its luxurious bubbles, and its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties will sooth your skin.  Avocado Oil is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E has excellent moisturising and conditioning properties. Olive oil, always a popular ingredient in our soaps, has anti-inflammatory effects, helping sooth skin conditions such as mild acne and eczema.

Whilst the Active Carbon deep cleans and reduces the appearance of pores, Zinc Oxide with its anti-inflammatory properties, helps combat oily skin and with regular use helps guard against outbreaks of pimples and mild acne.  Mint Essential Oil sooths and calms irritation, reducing redness.


Avocado oil
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Castor oil
Active carbon
Zinc oxide for skin healing
Mint essential oil


Zinkoxid zur Hautheilung
Minz ätherisches Öl


Huile d’avocat
Huile de noix de coco
Huile d’olive
huile de castor
Charbon actif
Oxyde de zinc pour la guérison de la peau
Huile essentielle menthe


Olio di avocado
Olio di cocco
Olio d’oliva
Olio di ricino
Carbone attivo
Ossido di zinco per la cura della pelle
Olio essenziale di menta

Weight 110 g

EAN 3760300250167

Batch 001

Best Before June 2020

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