Travel soap mini purse – 6 mini soaps

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travel soaps purse

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Stunning hand embroidered purse from the Sinai Bedouin women community in Egypt, we offer a variety of colors and patterns for 6 assorted mini soaps to use during the week, at work or while you travel.

This is a useful and beautiful present for any lady.

Soap ingredients: all vegan ingredients’ soaps made of avocado oil, shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, hand cut in small swatches.

PLEASE NOTE: being each purse unique, it is not possible to list all the variations here. However, let us know what your favorite colour is and we will send you some pics to choose from.

Please note 2: this is an important product if you want to support the Bedouin community in the Sinai. 100% of the cost of purses reach the community members.


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